A Singapore Food Franchise Done Masterly Fresh

02/25/2015 04:29

Donut Master is really a young and energetic company; driven from the passion of dedicated individuals, who've been in the diverse spread of F&B, Retail and Services business. The partners collectively share 30 years of experience and knowledge. They have been the pioneer gang of Research & Development (R&D) in Kuliner Kelapa Gading the former YAOHAN BAKERS, where freshly baked ANPAN bread was their signature item within the 70's. They researched to change the taste and texture of Donuts to become more palatable to the Singaporean Chinese particularly the pre-independence group, the mid forties and above group with all the younger generation at heart.

Donut Master has a simple concept for their branding of "DONE MASTERLY FRESH". This is to stress that the donuts are carried out skillfully fresh and hygienically. Frozen Prepared Doughs in Fridge are thawed and put in Prover Equipment and skillfully presented from frying to Point of Sale. Donut Master highlights numerous Freshly Made & Tasty Donuts at affordable price and service using a smile inside a convenient remove package.

The company?s vision is to become the leading brand of premium quality donuts that meet the ever changing market needs also to continuously add value to our business partners beginning for mutually beneficial relationships.

?Donut Master is able to share the experience through business franchise plans,? said Hsien Naidu, Director of business consulting firm, Astreem that has a team of franchise consultants, business consultants, branding consultants and marketing consultants. ?Donut Master is defined to develop and share their franchise business concept with investors seeking Singapore franchise opportunities through Singapore food franchise for his or her business investments.?